Alexander Rimless Toilet Suite


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Alexander ceramic back-to-wall pan. Timelessly modern look with Innovative Hygienic Design!
Maximum cleaning result of the inner bowl is acheived through the Rimless Design, which prevents water splashing over the edge.
Water saving technology. Easy to clean ceramic protection. Smooth sided, compact pan completed with a slim stylish Soft Close toilet seat.
It is designed to be installed with an inwall cistern and button to complete the toilet suite.
Innovative hygienic and water saving Rimless Design
Back to wall toilet
Seat cover, UF, Soft Close
Access to the cistern – should you need to adjust or repair it – is either through an access panel if it is fitted within bathroom furniture, or via a flush plate if it is fitted in a wall. Either way, maintenance is usually no more difficult than with a standard toilet.
Features & Benefits:
• Offers a stylish, contemporary look without the cost of a wall-hung toilet
• Gives an illusion of space in a bathroom with less clutter
• Cheaper and easier to install than a wall-mounted toilet as no support frame is needed.
• Perfect for use with a run of furniture