Xilo Heated Cedar Wood Panel


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A simple wooden board with debarked edges provides support to HOM technology. The wood preserves the warmth for your most loved pieces of apparel.  Also available with a towel rail attached for additional $300

Electric heaters and radiator, when they heat up not only heat, but they give off a pleasing scent of resin typical of Lebanon’s cedar.
Possible to have it in 2 variants:
– Electric Heaters : 200 watt
– Electric Radiator: 500 watt

Available either Horizontal or Vertical

BASE 800 mm
HEIGHT 400 mm
DEPTH 80 mm
WEIGHT 10 kg / 12 kg
POWER 200 watt / 500 watt

The technological core of all HOM products is a special sintered tile that retains heat for a long period of time and releases it slowly. This patented technology (owned by Rotfil, European leader in the production of electrical resistance heaters) is the most advanced system in the field of low-consumption electrical heating.  Made in Italy.

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200 Watt, 500 Watt