9+ Bathroom Design Trends That Shaped 2016

9+ Bathroom Design Trends That Shaped 2016

LET’S FACE IT, THIS YEAR LOOKED FABULOUSLY STYLISH. WE SUM UP THE BIGGEST BATHROOM RENOVATION AND BATHROOM DESIGN TRENDS OF 2016. This year has inspired many people by all the possibilities of contemporary bathroom design. Everywhere you look or shop, there are many beautiful designs that we wish we have or placed in our bathrooms. Even shops such as Kmart stock modern contemporary bathroom accessories that compliments many design taste, bathroom renovations or re-designing of your bathroom space that will also suit any budget. Here are some of the best bathroom design trends of 2016.

Black Vogue & Matte Black

Mondella Vivace and Silk Black Shower Heads and Bathroom Taps | Giuselle BathroomsBy mondabathrooms – See more Home Design Photos. The most popular colours seems to change every few years (think of the pink bathrooms in the 70’s). This year however, polished stainless steel made its way out and was replaced by silky or matte black colours.

Marble Accents

Bathroom Renovation - Marble - Giuselle BathroomsPhoto by GIA Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations- Browse contemporary bathroom ideas. Everywhere you look, you will notice that Marble was huge this year! This design trend was also used to add a small touch of luxury and can also blend well with wood.

Statement Bathroom Mirror

Giuselle Bathrooms Integrated Living Space Style Bathroom DesignPhoto by Chris Snook – Browse transitional bathroom photos just to be clear, rectangular mirrors are still in fashion, however in 2016, statement mirror made its way on the top of Bathroom Design trends. As you can see, it adds an extra wow factor, style and elegance within a bathroom. Don]t believe us? Here]s an example of before and after.

Living Space Integrated Bathrooms

Giuselle Bathrooms Integrated Living Space Style Bathroom DesignPhoto by Reece Australia – Browse Scandinavian bathroom photos. Another design that have been popular this year are bathrooms that feels like a living space. This bathroom design layout have been around for quite sometime now, but are mostly used in hotel rooms. This design style have seen growth in popularity this year and will continue to rise in demand.

Smart Storage Units

Lago Di Grata Circle - Smart Bathroom Storages - Giuselle BathroomsPhoto by Tracy Lynn StudioDiscover transitional bathroom design ideas. Storages are in, especially hidden storages.Clever Storages

contemporary bathroom storage

Universal Expert Peg Board Organizer - Giuselle BathroomsSimilar to bathroom storage units, bathroom cabinets and vanities, clever storages with great materials such as wood can compliment your bathroom. This can also store your everyday bathroom items which blends both style and functionality.Anything But Chrome

Contemporary bathroom sink taps

Leo Timber & Brass Tapware - Giuselle BathroomsNot necessarily out of style but chrome has been used less and less this year especially for luxury bathroom taps and shower heads. Colours such gold, matte black, silk black and bronze have been the choice of the year.


New West Classic Bathroom with Chandelier - Giuselle BathroomsPhoto by Clay Construction Inc. – Discover traditional bathroom design inspiration. Chandeliers are traditionally used in living areas. This year however, chandeliers made its way into the the bathroom making this commonly used space look grand.

Floating Sink & Vanity

New bathroom with recycled bath - Bathroom Renovations SydneyPhoto by Jessica Matson ArchitectureDiscover transitional bathroom design ideas. We left this out until the end. To sum up the trend of 2016, this has got to be the most popular bathroom design so far this year. Floating sink and vanity have been so popular this year for bathroom renovations, new builds and modern apartments. Learning from some of the bathroom design principles of 2016, you can grab some ideas for your next bathroom renovations or for your newly built home. Giuselle Bathrooms can help you choose the right design for your next bathroom renovations in Sydney. We help our clients achieve their dream bathrooms by understanding their design taste, personality and style giving us the most customer satisfaction for Bathroom Renovations services for over 25 years.

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