6 Bathroom Renovations Tips for your DIY Project

6 Bathroom Renovations Tips for your DIY Project


There are lots of things and ideas to consider when you’re planning to do a bathroom renovations project. Giuselle Bathrooms can always help you build your perfect bathroom, however, here are a few suggestions should you decide to do a DYI project and get the look you are after without breaking the bank.

Step 1.Know your design taste & make a list of your likes / dislikes

Look at your current bathroom & see what you like or dislike. Then look for inspirations such as our gallery, tv shows such as the block, websites such as houzz.com.au and from social media or around the web, then put together a scrapbook of the features that you like, fixtures and fittings you’d really like to have for your bathroom renovations. Collect a few tile samples or ideas and decide on which colour swatches you will use so you can see how colours and textures will flow together for your bathroom.

Step 2. Think about your current plumbing & wirings

You should consider how well your old inlets and outlets will work with your new fixtures and fittings and see also if they need replacing. Another crucial factor is the positioning of your current plumbing and electricity wirings in the bathroom. If you can incorporate your bathroom design around where they’re located, the more you will save on labour cost for your tradies.

Step 3. Know the measurements of your bathroom

Once you have a bathroom design in mind, the next step is to know the measurements of the whole bathroom from floor to ceiling to work out how much space you have to install for any new fixtures and fittings. Just remember you can never have enough storage in a bathroom and think of clever ways on where you can position them and where you can put more or for a minimalist bathroom, you can always get some portable storages from ikea. To avoid moulds and anything biological bathroom related, make sure that your bathroom is well ventilated if possible. Don’t forget that all wet area rooms such as bathrooms must be waterproofed in order to avoid future damages to the house or building structure.

Step 4. The final touches 

Think about how your fittings for your bathroom renovations can tie in with the finishing touches for your bathroom. Consider things like, smaller, mosaic tiles which are a great option if you want to draw the eye to a certain detail within your bathroom or make the room feel appealing or cosy. However, If you have a small bathroom space, consider using large tiles to make the room feel larger.

Step 5. Use a good colour swatch

Know the 60-30-10 rule. This rule can give you a proper balance using a colour swatch for your paint, combining them with your fixtures, accessories such as towels and cabinets. It like this: your main colour should be 60% of the room such as white tiles, walls, baths, sink and glazings on the vanities. Your mid-range colour should be 30% of the room and is good for areas like the floor, ceilings, windows or vanity cabinet. The last 10% is your accent colour, a punchy, bold colour that you can add with your linen, mats, towels, accessories, plants, etc.

Step 6. Towel rails, soap and toilet holders

The final thing to consider for your DYI bathroom renovations project, is where to put your towel rails, soap and toilet holders. You would want everything within easy reach, ideally, such as putting the rails at the edge of the shower. If you have cold winter in your area, consider adding a towel rail and bathroom heater to feel more comfortable and relaxing after you shower. The toilet roll should also be within reach, so test it out before installing the toilet holder permanently.

Although a DYI project for your bathroom renovations can be a fun project, it can also have many headaches such as waterproofing your bathroom properly. Your most essential time spending with your loved ones or putting your energy somewhere else might be might be more important to you. If you want your bathroom to work its hardest – and you want to save your sanity, too – consider hiring a Giuselle Bathrooms designer or bathroom renovations specialist. Bathrooms need detailed design considerations and space planning in order for it to be an efficient space or sanctuary. Just imagine waking up every morning to a poorly-lit vanity squeezed into an awkward corner and covered in water from your shower!


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